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About Crater City Coffee Co.

Sitting at a table 2 months ago, my youngest son said, “Dad, you know what Middlesboro needs? A coffee shop.” Only days later, Crater City Coffee was born. Thru the efforts of my wife Judy Grandey, a lifetime resident of Middlesboro, Jamie Pursifull, her daughter, my son, Coleby Grandey and the help of the entire community, we have opened our coffee shop in less than 8 weeks. With encouragement from our downtown Executive Director, Joanie Jasper, and the support of our builders and other trades people, we transformed an otherwise unused building into our new business home.

One of the most difficult tasks that Judy and I faced was selecting a supplier for our coffee. As fate would intervene, we have selected the Goose Bridle Coffee Company from Grayson, Kentucky to provide our House Blend and our Espresso Blend. Great information from Will Stevens of this company provided us with a blend of coffee that is pleasant to the taste with wonderful aromatic beans from Columbia, Brazil and Guatemala. Goose Bridle Coffee are true artists of coffee.

Come enjoy Coffee as it was meant to be. Please sit down and enjoy the friendly atmosphere and the pleasant surroundings at one of our tables and relax.

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